"Art can either be narcissistic or empathetic.
The latter talks and is remembered.
The other is mere decoration and is soon replaced."


There is something to be said about the fearlessness displayed in the art done by children. Their focus is in communicating and expressing the idea (story) and not about showcasing their mastery over a prescribed technique. The idea is allowed to take on what ever format they wish. Retrieving that lost honesty is a challenge.

The definition of simplicity is varied. It can have the purity of minimalism, however, even within complex systems, there is an underlining order. Nature is a prime example. In realism, the use of detail seems to contradict the practice of simplicity therefore excessive or unnecessary visual information must be eliminated in order to maintain clarity in the narrative. Regardless of the design format, the answer to the question "What type of art do you do?" is " To try express a narrative with simplicity" adding cryptic sarcasm, political overtones, or a personal bite.

VJPaluck started as a freelance graphic designer/illustrator and then entered a partnership in an advertising business venture. This industry insight and experience in advertising, architectural/medical illustration, commercial photography, and theatre set design/construction was later applied to a career in art education.

VJPdesign is the return to the art industry with a revamped attitude, encompassing several design disciplines such as painting, graphite, graphics, installation/constructs, photography, or animation.

Inquiries regarding sales, rentals, commissions, or collaborations can be made through the contact page.

Victor J Paluck
BFA honours, University of Manitoba
B. Ed., University of Toronto